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Strong vs Weak


I have seen in social media, today, all people strongly condemn Ashifa gang rape case #JusticeForAshifa.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 11.56.12 PMIt’s a really a good sign to condemn from all Indian. Here, I’ve noticed that all people of different religions oppose Ashifa’s gang rape case in a single voice. It’s our INDIA.

I thank social media because all (all Indians) are aware of this issues. Otherwise, it would be hidden within the village itself.

I strongly condemn all the criminals involved in this case. The Central and State of J&K governments should take necessary action against all criminals and provide punishment soon as per our law. We need to show this as an example to others by giving justice.

In addition that,  

Long long ago, in the world, we had a group, MAN vs WOMAN. All Men’s dominated Women. After some time, another group added. It is religions, who were and are majorities dominating minorities.

I think, nowadays one more group added, that is Strong and Weak human communities. it’s very dangerous group developing all over the world.

Strong human communities mean not only strong muscles, it’s power in terms of politics, authorities, and influence. Another one is, weak human communities, who are even weak in muscles, poor, most dependent on others and no power.

I strongly believe, nowadays all rape cases and violence against common people including Ashifa’s gang rape case is not because of “Man vs Woman” or “Religions” instead, it’s because of strong communities vs weak communities issues. Whoever is strong in their region they dominate weak peoples. Moreover, the country or the state’s economy is going down due to these strong groups dominations in their respective country or state.

Moving forward, we have to face this new group along with “Man vs Women” and “Religions – majority vs minority”.

I’m requesting to the government and all individuals to find out the solution or learn how to handle these challenges.

I hope everyone agrees with this, otherwise please excuse me because I’m one of the Weak. 



  1. I agree ur valuable point sir. Also, you have written this powerful information not only this blog, in every human heart. My special thanks to you for this powerful humanity thoughts.

    Need Justice from Indian Government !!!
    Need Humanity from an Indian People !!!

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  2. Your thought process is very synonymous to present day situation and has brought out what was lingering in my mind.. strong vs weak. We have to be aware of this and should be able to handle it ourselves when prone to it.

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  3. Yes, we strongly agree your thought. Need Justice for Ashifa. Need change in our law against harassments. Should bring the laws like in Arab countries and hang them on the road.

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  4. எந்த மதமாக வேணாலும் இருக்கட்டும், ஆனால் தண்டனை கடுமையாக இருக்க வேண்டும்! இனி இது தொடராமல் இருக்க வேண்டும்…

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  5. எந்த மதமாக வேணாலும் இருக்கட்டும், ஆனால் தண்டனை கடுமையாக இருக்க வேண்டும்

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  6. Agree with your view. Our legal system should be more strong to protect weaker sections. Child rapists need to have death penalty and also the cases need to be closed within 3 months. People know how to bypass our legal system and this is the real issue to be addressed in our country. Our legal system should instil fear in the minds of persons who commit crimes

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